Secret Sisters

When it’s happening:


February 10th – Reveal/breakfast party at 9am (Perona’s house).

What do you do?

Being a Secret Sister is a commitment. Pray for your sister consistently; keep in touch with her regularly (at least weekly). Remember your primary purpose is to encourage your sister. Letting her know you are thinking about her does not need to be expensive or extravagant – below are some ideas on how to encourage your sister without breaking the bank! And remember, whatever you do, KEEP IT A SECRET!

Ideas to get you started:

  1. Write her a note of encouragement. Bring it on Sunday, snail-mail it to her house (use the church’s address for return address: 1200 N. Price Rd., Chandler, AZ 85226), or email her (setting up a free, anonymous email account like SuzysSister is easy!).
  2. Bring her a flower (fresh, wild, or created!)
  3. Bring her a treat – store bought or homemade.
  4. Give her a bookmark – get creative with it!
  5. Give her the gift of laughter – share a funny story, cartoon, or joke.
  6. Bring her something homemade–a food, craft, or card.
  7. Pray for her and let her know how you have been praying.
  8. Share your favorite scripture with her.
  9. Share a favorite recipe, book, or CD you think she’d enjoy.
  10. Give her a lollipop bouquet.
  11. Check Pinterest for more creative gift ideas!