International Missions

Chandler Bible Church supports the following missionaries and ministries and encourages its members to offer their prayer and financial support, as well.

Brother Walt
Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Eastern Europe
Throughout the developing world, the Lord is raising up Christian laborers for His global harvest. Many of these workers are sent to difficult and gospel-deprived mission fields as evangelists and church planters. Brother Walt has the privilege of training these national believers to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission.

After seminary, Walt served as a pastor at a large US Church for eleven years. He was then sent to Southeast Asia as a church planter among an Unreached People Group. Walt completed his doctorate and now trains national workers at schools and missionary training centers in many countries in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

(For security reasons, Brother Walt’s full name and picture never appear on the Chandler Bible site.)

Jonathan Kopf baptizes a new Christian in Papua New GuineaJonathan and Susan Kopf

New Tribes Mission
Papua New Guinea

Jonathan and Susan have been living with the Hewa tribal people of central Papua New Guinea since 1999. After learning the Hewa culture and language, Jonathan & Susan along with their team members Keith & Angie Copley taught the message of the Bible, starting in Genesis and working their way through the life of Christ. God worked in the hearts of the Hewa people so that in late 2005, the Hewa church was born.

Since that time, Jonathan and Susan have continued to teach, disciple the believers and translate the New Testament into the Hewa language. They also provide simple medical training, literacy education and support for the Hewa believers as they themselves teach the Gospel message in other Hewa villages. Their passion is to do everything possible to assist the New Hewa church toward reaching maturity in their faith in the Lord Jesus.

Prayer Requests:
• Please pray the Lord would give wisdom and strength to the Kopfs as they press forward with New Testament translation and discipleship in the village.
• Please pray the Lord would develop deep faith in the hearts of the Hewa people so that they would be fully in love with Him.
• Please pray for the Hewa young men who have a growing passion to share the Gospel message in other Hewa villages. Pray for wisdom, maturity and deep faith.

Bernie and Mary Miller
Miller Family
Greater Europe Mission
Colorado Springs, CO
Bernie is a mission coach and church planting researcher and strategist. Mary serves in women’s ministry through their church as a mentor to young mothers and a support person for woman or two at a time dealing with emotional trauma in their lives.

As a mission coach Bernie works with individuals and churches exploring ministry possibilities in Europe. This involves helping people discern how God is working in their lives and suggesting next steps for them to take on their spiritual journeys toward the mission field. He works with GEM field leaders in northern Europe to develop and promote strategic discipling and church planting opportunities. He comes alongside churches in developing partnerships with national churches and ministries, while for individuals he oversees the missionary applicant assessment and orientation process. He also does a variety of research on key cities helping field leaders discover potential spiritual inroads into communities and people groups.

They have served on the field in Latvia. Bernie currently works extensively with GEM’s ministries in the north and northeast of Europe.

Prayer Requests:
•Spiritual breakthrough and revival in the cities of Cologne (Germany), Sofia (Bulgaria), Stockholm (Sweden), Lille (France), Dublin (Ireland) and London (England). We as a mission are focusing prayer, missionary resources, and new strategy efforts believing God is on the verge of significant kingdom progress in these cities.
•Luke 10:2 – Pray for more laborers in the harvest fields of Europe. We desire God to raise up dozens of people with a passion for discipleship and the spiritual gifting to shepherd multiplying disiciples.
•Wisdom and insight for Bernie as he coaches people interested in missions in Europe.
•We would more effectively demonstrate the love of God in visible and practical ways to our children, our neighbors, and others we have regular contact with.

Merle Wiens prays over a new believer in KenyaMerle and Claudia Wiens
ReachGlobal, EFCA

Claudia grew up in Hawaii with relatives who practiced the ancient Chinese religion of Taoism. God’s plan was the best and she was introduced to a Bible believing church at a very young age. Claudia accepted Christ into her life with the help of a Sunday school teacher at the age of 9.

As a teenager growing up in a Christian home in Kansas, Merle had many questions about the Christian faith. A dedicated rancher patiently answered the tough questions and walked him through a personal relationship with Christ. At the age of 18, Merle gave his life to Christ.

Serving on a church missions committee, Claudia & Merle’s eyes were opened to the great spiritual needs of people in different countries. They began to pray and ask God to give them confirmation that He could use their gifts to serve in missions overseas. When the doors opened with ReachGlobal, the international arm of the EFCA, Merle & Claudia accepted His leading and have served in Africa since 1991.

Their first assignment was in the Democratic Republic of Congo (1991-1995) working in a literature ministry. For the next two terms (1996-2004), the work was in leadership and administration in Nairobi, Kenya at the Africa Area Office. The Africa Office was moved to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 2005. Currently, with his responsibilities as the Associate Africa Leader, Merle works very closely with our Africa Leader. Together, they oversee the ministries in several countries, mentor our ReachGlobal staff, promote growth and expansion for African ministries including church partnerships, and interface with our national church partners. Claudia has been involved with a youth ministry to unreached South Asian young people and their families with the gospel of Jesus through various outreach activities in private schools and personal contacts.

Merle and Claudia have been married since 1981. They have two grown children, and recently added a son-in-law to their family. They count it a privilege to partner with many churches and individuals to spread the gospel on the African continent.

Sister Shanae
Arabian Gulf
Among the worldwide areas Muslims predominate, none seems further from the reach of the Gospel of Jesus Christ than the Middle East. Yet, it is in the Middle East that pioneering movements of Christ followers are springing up. Shanae and her teammates are eagerly working through all possible avenues to shine the light of the Gospel into the lives of people in this region.

After graduating from college, Shanae served for two and 1/2 years as a Short-Term coach with an internationally well-known agency. She has travelled short-term to the Middle East on three different occasions and now is serving long-term with a start-up team.

(For security reasons, Sister Shanae’s full name and picture never appear on the Chandler Bible site.)

Jon & Jan MacKinneyJon & Jan MacKinney
“Be Ready” Seminars and

Through Biblical teaching, personal stories and down-to-earth understanding, “Pastor Jon” leads audiences – in the USA, as well as in Rwanda – on a lively journey through the Book of Revelation. People do

Teaching the "Be Ready" Seminar in Rwanda

Teaching the “Be Ready” Seminar in Rwanda

not need to cringe with confusion whenever they face the narrative of the Bible, especially the Book of Revelation. They also do not need to worry about date setting, name placing, or any number of “mysteries” being offered as secret knowledge. Instead, what they are equipped with is the abundant message of God’s gracious gift of His Truth for all people, so that they will “Be Ready” when Jesus Christ returns. Contact Jon today to schedule the seminar with your church group, Bible study class, or church gathering (

Short Term Missions

Chandler Bible supports and encourages its members to participate in short-term missions trips. In the past, members have gone to Haiti, Mexico, Russia, Rwanda, and Papua/New Guinea.